Block Frozen Foods

  • PUD Shrimps- Karikadi, Poovalan, Choodan, Naran (White) and Deep Sea Shrimps
  • PD Shrimps- Karikadi, Poovalan, Choodan and Naran
  • H/L Shrimps- Scampi (Fresh Water Prawns) white/Brown
  • Vannamei Shrimps (HLSO, PUD, PD, PDTO)
  • Cuttlefish Whole and Whole Cleaned
  • Squid Whole and Whole Cleaned
  • Octopus Whole and Cleaned
  • Ribbon fish Whole, Headless and Gutted (H & G)

Individually Frozen Products

  • H/On Freshwater Prawns(Semi IQF) Scampi
  • PUD PD Shrimps IQF (Wild Catch & Aquaculture)
  • Cuttlefish whole cleaned
  • Tuna all sizes-Yellow fin(Whole and GG) and All sizes of Skipjack Whole Round
  • Fishes- Reef code, Red snapper, Indian Mackerel, Leather Jacket etc.,
  • Whole Baigai-Long Type and short type
Frozen Baigai Frozen Mackerel - Carton
Frozen Mackerel Pud - Carton
Reef Cod Scampi- Carton
Scampi Headless-Carton Scampi Headon
Squid Whole Yellow Fin Tuna Gilled and Gutted
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  • PUD Shrimps
  • Cuttlefish
  • Squid
  • Octopus
  • Ribbon fish

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